Houston Newborn Photographer

It takes 10,000 hours of practice to turn you into a master photographer. I see lots of photographers offering studio, outdoor, lifestyle, family, older children, babies, pets, weddings, christenings. I bet they’d photograph your pot plants if you asked them. But in trying to be everything to everyone, they’re not giving themselves the chance to really hone their work. In contrast, by focussing on one style of photography it enables you to work and perfect that style. You may end up not being everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d rather be seen as exceptional photographer to a few, than mediocre to many. My style of photography stems from what I love and what I would want on my walls. I specialize in photographing babies from bump, to newborn, through to sitting and up to their 1st birthday. I sometimes photograph siblings and returning clients with older children. But these are very much the exception. My style of photography is fresh, light and pure. I like to capture natural moments in a simple and organic way, to ensure that the entire focus of the image is on the baby and that the images won’t date, or go hugely out of fashion. Plus in specializing in one style of photography I’ve found that I’m able to offer; Huge variety – I’m comfortable and confident, the two key ingredients to enable me to be truly creative. No two galleries are ever the same and every session is tailored to that child. Consistent – although every image is different, they are all of the same standard and style. Clients are buying a product and they need to know that what they see on the tin is what will be delivered. So to those reading this who are thinking of booking a photographer, my advice to you is to seek out those that SPECIALIZE in the style of photography you want. Look on their websites, on their social media, contact them. Do whatever is needed to see their body of work and make sure that it’s what you’re looking for and above all that it’s consistent. And to those photographers among you, I genuinely believe that specializing in an area of photography has a huge raft of benefits and will see you developing much faster than if you were to dabble in lots of areas. If you look at the really successful and inspirational photographers out there, you’ll see that they specialize in 1-2 areas of photography and that’s it.